Roofless Painters: An exhibition of paintings from the Salisbury Painting Retreat

24 September 2022 
Free 6pm - 9pm

We're delighted to be hosting the participants of the Roofless Painters' Salisbury Painting Retreat.


Roofless Painters is 'a contemporary free-range art school, atelier and gallery for present-day romantics' based in Los Angeles. As well as a busy ongoing programming of painting in LA, every year they organise a week-long painting retreat to the UK - and this year it's in Salisbury.


After a week's plein air painting in Salisbury and locations nearby, including Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge and Messums gallery in Tisbury, we will host the public reception which is the artistic finale of the retreat.

It's open to the public and free to enter. Reserve your place by emailing or giving us a call on 01722 501 551.


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