Eleanor Bartlett

14 June - 27 July 2024
A solo exhibition of paintings and installations by the acclaimed artist Eleanor Bartlett

Eleanor Bartlett is a British artist. She creates work of intense presence and power, typically in monochrome. Her paintings seize our attention. They are at once brutal and beautiful; enigmatic expressions of honesty, confidence and panache.

She has exhibited widely in the UK, most recently as part of the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 exhibition at York Art Gallery, in a solo exhibition at Beam in Nottingham in November 2023, and at Clifton Cathedral in Bristol in June 2023. Numerous awards include National Open Art and the RWA in Bristol. 

One of Eleanor’s paintings was featured in our inaugural exhibition ‘Connect’ in 2021 and we are thrilled to welcome her back to the gallery for this solo presentation.

“The work continues to describe elemental form within the void, using industrial materials such as tar, wax and metal paint to suggest toil and endurance. To a great extent it is the behaviour of the materials which directs the work. There exists a power to persuade without recourse to explanation.” – Eleanor Bartlett



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